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Visualisation Training For Martial Arts

Visualisation is a great way of practising, especially if you don’t have the time or space to physically workout. It’s also a great way to revise the numerous amount of self-techniques that we have in Kuk Sool. I’ve therefore included a few tips below to help you with the process of visualisation.


  1. When you mentally rehearse your performance in your head, see yourself performing each movement as specifically as possible. If your mental images turn negative, or you struggle to recall the next movement, stop your mental tape, rewind and restart again.
  2. Use all of your senses from a first-person perspective – what would you hear, feel, smell and taste. How would your body feel as you go through each movement? Try adding in some physical motion that coincide with the visualised images, for example using your hands to perform with.
  3. Practice frequently – mental rehearsal for a martial artist is a skill that becomes better with repetition. Practice your visualisation or imagery on a daily basis.


Try out this simple meditation / visualisation procedure 

Close your eyes, breathe slowly and deeply . . . begin to count down slowly from ten down to one . . . relaxing more and more deeply with each count. 10 . . . 9. . . 8. . . feel yourself going deeper and deeper. . . into a quieter, more relaxed state of mind. . . 7. . .6. . . 5 . . . deeper and more relaxed. . . 4. . . 3 . . . 2. . . 1. . . you are now in a very deep, very calm state of mind. Now see yourself in that special spot where you are completely at peace with yourself…where you are totally happy…it may be in the forest, or next to a stream in the woods, or near the sea or a lake…it’s a place you love to be because it’s so peaceful. And once you’re situated in that spot, then you see before you what appears to be a television screen…and as you watch that screen, you suddenly see yourself…you are on the screen…performing a Kuk Sool form, maybe Ki Cho Hyung as a starting point. After completing the form…now see yourself with that one person that has always inspired you – it could be an instructor that you admire or even the Grandmaster himself…. you watch them perform the same form… watch their every move…now you join them – you are both practising and performing together … excellent timing… excellent rhythm… you are in sync…you are relaxed…you are calm. You are moving easily, freely… you’re really feeling relaxed and calm… you complete all the movements, feeling very satisfied you now turn toward and bow to each other – take 30-seconds to slowly open your eyes.

All the very best with your practice.

JDKJ Martin Ducker



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