Kuk Sool Won

Kuk Sool Won is a complete martial arts system with its main focus on self-discipline and respect as well as incorporating all aspects of Martial Arts.

Kuk Sool Won is so much more than just another martial art; it is extremely comprehensive offered in a single, unified and highly structured system. With Kuk Sool Won you don’t need to supplement your training with time consuming ‘add on’ programmes such as sparring techniques or pressure point workshops as so many other schools do. With Kuk Sool Won traditional martial arts it’s already included in the curriculum. It has something for everyone interested in the martial arts.

Kuk Sool Won is not a sport, however tournaments and competitions are available if a student requires. Kuk Sool Won is dedicated to the cultivation of mental growth, physical health and traditional Korean martial arts training.

Encompassing over 31 different Korean styles taken from three primary cultural sub-groups, Family Martial ArtsBuddhist Temple Martial Arts and Royal Court Martial Arts, Kuk Sool Won offers a wide spectrum and curriculum of martial arts that is not available anywhere else.

More information can be found at the official website www.kuksoolwon.com



In Hyuk Suh 10th Degree Black Belt is the founder, Grandmaster and President of the World Kuk Sool Association®. He has studied martial arts for more than 50 years, receiving his first instruction from his grandfather, Myung Deuk Suh, a master-instructor to the Korean Royal Court. After his grandfather’s death, he traveled throughout the Far East seeking out and studying additional aspects of the martial arts.