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By KYO SA NIM SHAY JORDAN With two hours of class time per week, and over 3000 self-defence techniques alone in the Kuk Sool Won syllabus, it doesn’t take a master to realise that there just isn’t enough class time to maintain yourself in Kuk Sool Won. To put this into perspective, there are more […]

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The “Breaking the Board” Principle

Aside from the obvious physical aspect, training in Kuk Sool instils many good virtues and habits into you; a good, positive attitude, self-discipline, mental strength and more besides. However, today I just want to talk about one small thing I learned which has had a big impact on various things in my life. It’s something which I took […]

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Visualisation Training For Martial Arts

Visualisation is a great way of practising, especially if you don’t have the time or space to physically workout. It’s also a great way to revise the numerous amount of self-techniques that we have in Kuk Sool. I’ve therefore included a few tips below to help you with the process of visualisation.   When you […]

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