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The “Breaking the Board” Principle

Aside from the obvious physical aspect, training in Kuk Sool instils many good virtues and habits into you; a good, positive attitude, self-discipline, mental strength and more besides. However, today I just want to talk about one small thing I learned which has had a big impact on various...

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With all the trials and tribulations that everyday existence can throw at you; it’s not overly surprising that it can often feel that ‘life happens to us’. How many of us go through this life being buffeted and pulled from pillar to post, like being carried away downstream by a rather...

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Hello! For those who don’t know me, I am JKN Joe Jacob. I’ll preface this article with a brief backstory. I started Kuk Sool back in 2002, at the age of seven. I joined the Tiny Dragons class led by PKJN (then PSBN) Jon. This was all great fun, and it went on to become the beginning of my...

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Your Next Chapter in Kuk Sool Won

Every three months in Kuk Sool, we progress to our next grade. Whether this is a full belt or just a stripe, it signifies progress and achievement, but what does it mean in terms of your training? I like to think of a new under-black-belt promotion as a new chapter to the book that is your Kuk Sool...

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Grading Nerves

Don’t let the shiny uniforms and masters/instructors sat at the front phase you. If you’re training right, a grading is just another class. A few months ago, I took part in my first grading toward Pu Sa Bum Nim (Third degree black belt), having not graded since my promotion to Kyo Sa Nim in...

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‘Lead The Field’ – A True Story

By JDKJ Martin DuckerSeveral years ago, unannounced a strange package turned up on my doorstep delivered by the postman. It was surprising as I had ordered no such kind of item. Upon opening and examination I discovered a set of eight audiotapes inside a smart looking plastic case. The cassette...

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