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Showing respect toward Master’s and Instructor’s is very important in Kuk Sool. It is especially important to address the different ranking masters by their correct title as there is a huge difference between, for example, a fifth degree master and a ninth degree master.

If you do not know the rank of someone, don’t be afraid to ask however if you are unable to, use “Sir” or “Ma’am”.

For reference, here are the rank titles from black belt candidate upward:

Rank Title Meaning
Brown-Black Belt Dahn Bo Nim Black Belt Candidate
First Degree Black Belt Jo Kyo Nim Instructor in Training
Second Degree Black Belt Kyo Sa Nim Assistant Instructor
Third Degree Black Belt Pu Sa Bum Nim Deputy Instructor
Fourth Degree Black Belt Sa Bum Nim Instructor
Fifth Degree Master Pyung Kwahn Jahng Nim Master
Sixth Degree Master Joo Im Kwahn Jahng Nim Head Master
Seventh Degree Master Ji Do Kwahn Jahng Nim Senior Master
Eighth Degree Master Suhn Im Kwahn Jahng Nim Executive Master
Ninth Degree Master Su Suhk Kwahn Jahng Nim Senior Executive Master
Tenth Degree Master Chong Kwahn Jahng Nim International Chiefmaster
Grand Master Kuk Sa Nim National Teacher, a title bestowed by the Korean Government.


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