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On Saturday 6th December, three separate tests were held at the Waterlane Sports & Leisure Centre, for students of the Lowestoft School.

The first session of the morning started off at 10am with the children’s beginner/ intermediate level grading.

These children had been preparing really hard for this test and the result of their hard work was evident for everyone to see.

Between the two children’s grading sessions there was a performance from our Junior Black Belt demo team, who performed a short exhibition for family and friends.

Once again it was another tremendous display from the Team.

Next on the menu from 11.00-12.30pm were the high-grade (Black-Brown belt level) children. Having to follow on after the great performances already seen by the beginners/intermediates and the Black Belts put considerable pressure on this group to do well.

Many of these black/brown belt students are on course to become black belts within the next year or two. Once again however the standard that they exhibited was again exceptionally high, with noticeable improvement in the board breaking.

There have been certain rumours in the past that ‘Kuk Sool’ gradings are often relatively easy and people automatically pass first time. To put the record straight this is not the case. Many students do have to re-test until a base-line standard has been reached.

In fact many students who participated last Saturday did go home completely exhausted after giving one hundred percent effort and many I must say went home with a big smile on their face knowing that they had done the very best that they could have.

I would like to thank the following Instructor’s / Black Belts who helped out in one-way or other on Saturday Dec 6th.

Thanks to; PSBN David Ellis, PSBN Jon Denny, JKN Mike Garrod, JKN Peter Garrod, JKN Steve Millward JKN Kayleigh Davidson and the Junior Black Belt Demo Team.


By Joo Im KJN Martin

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