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It is always nice when we get new students joining Kuk Sool, but on the other hand we are always disappointed when students decide to leave.

Last month we were all very sad at the Lowestoft School to see Tom & Olivia Blake return back to Australia. Tom had just achieved two black stripes on his brown belt and Olivia had just obtained her first.

Also departing our shores, Elise and Justine Peyry, who have gone to live in France for four months. Elise and Justine had also reached the level of brown belt and again will be sadly missed.

At the Halesworth school we were also sad to see Andrey Marinak return to his native land of Slovakia. Andrey was very sorry to say goodbye to all his good friends at Halesworth.

He recently took part in the tournament at Birmingham and was pleased to have won his first Kuk Sool medal.

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