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Many of you within the Kuk Sool community have probably heard about the sad news concerning one of our long-standing students. 16 year-old Rory Davies sadly passed away on 12th March 2011. Rory finally lost his long battle against brain & spine cancer.

You may recall KSN Rory was presented with his 2nd Degree Black Belt at Kings Lynn last May by Kuk Sa Nim and subsequently received a standing ovation by everyone present.

As many of you know, KSN Rory displayed tremendous courage over the last year after under-going some intensive chemotherapy treatment. Despite this Rory still managed to visit us frequently at class and was recognised locally by everyone for his indomitable ‘Kuk Sool’ fighting spirit. Many of his younger friends called him a ‘ true warrior’ and he became an inspiration to many young people.

KSN Rory’s dad Andy sent me a reply to a condolence message that I sent to the family, which I’d like to share.

Thank you Martin, Rory loved his martial arts so much so he asked to be cremated in his generals uniform. He was so proud to be a part of Kuk Sool Won.

KJN Alison and myself had known Rory since he was 5 years old, starting his Kuk Sool training in our very first ‘Tiny Dragon’s class’ and like many of our students he became very much part of our close-knit Kuk Sool family.

Last July, we held a Black Belt Extravaganza in recognition of KSN Rory’s courage and achievement in being awarded his 2nd degree black belt. Rory was proud to have been the guest of honour sitting alongside, the town mayor and other VIP dignitaries.

At this particular time we were all hoping for some miracle recovery, and at one point later on in the year it looked as if that might happen. However as many people know who have had friends or relatives that have suffered with cancer, things do have a nasty habit of changing very quickly.

Rory came in to see us at Kuk Sool just after Christmas looking really quite well and at that point he had been told that the cancer had nearly all disappeared. However a few days later after another routine scan Rory and his family were informed that his illness had returned and this time it was unfortunately terminal.

Rory’s courage in the last few weeks of his life was immense and could be witnessed by the many hundreds of messages that he received by friends on Facebook.

I have included a picture of KSN Rory, which was taken when he was fourteen years old. It’s the photo that I personally took for him that would be eventually placed on his 2nd degree black belt certificate.

This is the way that I wish to remember KSN Rory as a vibrant healthy young man.

Kyo Sa Nim Rory, you will never be forgotten in our hearts.


Master Martin Ducker (Kuk Sool Won – Lowestoft)

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