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I have often been asked, especially over the last few years, what does it take to become a successful Martial Artist?

Well of course that’s a great question and one that I’ve been searching to answer myself for a number of years.

Many of my own accomplishments and achievements have come about by studying from some of the worlds most influential, Kuk Sool Master’s, personal development guru’s, attending seminars, reading books, and listening to endless CD’s and tapes.

Well of course learning and collecting all this material is just fine, however I personally believe that a vital element in achieving success is by practising and applying the specific information that you collect. – Just gathering the knowledge is not enough; applying the knowledge is the real key.

When success is often mentioned it’s interesting to discover how people’s definition differs greatly, what might be considered accomplishment for one person, may be totally different for someone else.

One of the best definitions of success that I’ve come across is from the veteran speaker and author Earl Nightingale. Earl stated the following; “the essence of success is the progressive realization toward a note-worthy goal or destination”.

Isn’t that great.

It has been said many times before, about the importance of having a clear vision or goal. So not only is it important to fix your vision, but to also plot your course, in other words – develop a specific plan or map for the journey ahead.


Part two – To follow shortly…

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