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Our Lowestoft and Halesworth stars were out in full force last Saturday evening at The Lowestoft Sports and Leisure Centre. Both Kuk Sool Schools combined forces to demonstrate to over 150 people our Martial Art, in order to raise money towards The Beach Radios ‘help an east coast child’ charity.

We were delighted to welcome our VIPs and dignitaries including the Mayor of Lowestoft, our local MPs and Councilors and our guest of honor KSN Rory Davies. As some of you may know Rory is on his way to recovery – and was presented during the night with a pair of short swords.

We also had a special appearance from ‘The Beach Bunny’ who participated in his own special performance against our black belt instructors as our audience managed to raise over £250 in the buckets that were circulating.

All of our members from tiny dragons to black belts performed wonderfully to wow our audience.

A special thanks to The Bird family (Chris, Angie, Charlotte and Sophie) who made it all the way from Aberdeen, Master Darren Brown and PSBN Dave from Kings Lynn and PSBN Orville Lewis, all past Lowestoft members back to celebrate with us. Also to SBN Jon and PSBN Helen Denny for all of their efforts in helping to organize this event!

We do not have a final count as to how much we have raised yet. But everyone sponsored managed to break a board for an east coast child so we predict we are in the thousands!

Overall not only did the night raise money for charity but it brought us all back together again, one night which will certainly be treasured!

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