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Are You Ready For A Challenge?

This year we want you to have lots of fun in our classes. We also want to encourage new people to try-out Kuk Sool.

One of the ways that we can achieve this is through you and the positive words that you say about Kuk Sool.

We would like you to talk to your friends, relatives and neighbours. Explain to them about the fun you have and benefits of regular exercise etc.

Please bring them in for an introductory lesson, get them to meet your instructors and to see a class in progress.

The 2009 Kuk Sool Challenge

Starting March 1st 2009 until the end of this year, KJN Martin has set us a challenge. He would like for every existing member to try to introduce at least one new person into the world of the martial arts and into our KSW schools.

Now, I know that many of you will say, I’ve already ‘tried’ to introduce a friend, however no one seems interested – which is a fair-enough point. However – Don’t give up!  Keep working at it. In the martial arts we are taught to never quit.  Persevere – stick with it. There are still hundreds of people who have never heard about Kuk Sool and the benefits that the training brings.

Our Way Of Saying Thank You

As a way of saying thank you, we would like to present you with a £10.00 Kuk Sool gift voucher for every new person that you introduce to Kuk Sool who enrols on our monthly paying training programme – This gift voucher can be used to purchase equipment etc or you can put it toward the cost of your next grading.

Finally – Don’t forget this is a Fun challenge, don’t get disheartened if people are not interested – Hand out the posters and flyers at school or at work or speak to a senior instructor who will give you some encouragement and ideas to help you out.

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