The Ducker Family (Past Articles)


The Ducker Family The Duckers fulfil the role of a black belt family practising an ancient martial art form, which in days of old was renowned for the passing down of skills from one family member to the next, often secretly and under seemingly impossible circumstances. These days Kuk Sool is not so difficult to […]

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Congratualtions Instructors!

Congratulations to the following Black Belts who were successful in passing the Lowestoft & Halesworth Instructor’s Course examination. Kyo Sa Nim Lee Clewer – Jo Kyo Nim Michael Garrod – Kyo Sa Nim Stephen Runnacles Well done Guy’s!

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Keys to success… part 2

To become successful in any given venture, as I’ve already mentioned (in Part One) it’s wise to develop a specific plan of action or a map for your journey ahead. To give an example of what I mean, several years ago I was invited by one of my students to visit a town called Thurso, […]

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Are you ready for a challenge?

 Are You Ready For A Challenge? This year we want you to have lots of fun in our classes. We also want to encourage new people to try-out Kuk Sool. One of the ways that we can achieve this is through you and the positive words that you say about Kuk Sool. We would like […]

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Keys to success… part 1

By Joo Im KJN Martin Ducker I have often been asked, especially over the last few years, what does it take to become a successful Martial Artist? Well of course that’s a great question and one that I’ve been searching to answer myself for a number of years. Many of my own accomplishments and achievements […]

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New Black Belts for 2008…

Congratulations to the following people who were promoted in 2008… The following people were successful in gaining the rank of 1st degree black belt in May 2008, after at least four years of hard practice!   Congratulations!

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The UK Championships 2008…


On Saturday 29th November the UK Championships and Masters’ Exhibition was held at the North Solihull Sports & Leisure Centre, Birmingham. We had a few competitors from both Halesworth and Lowestoft KSW Schools compete, with several gold and silver medals being won. The students who entered are as follows; Lowestoft JKN Tom Collis, Tom Bennett, […]

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Balancing Act


With all the trials and tribulations that the everyday can throw at you; it’s not overly surprising that it can often feel that ‘life happens to us’. How many of us go through this life being buffeted and pulled from pillar to post like so many pooh sticks dropped from a child’s hand into the […]

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